Monday, October 27, 2014

Bits -n- Pieces

Hi there!   Can you believe it is the last week of October?  I didn't mean to disappear, but oh well, you know how life can get.   October has been very good to us (me).   It kicked off with a quick visit back east to visit my girlfriends in Boston (solo - sans kids).  It was exactly what this mama needed.  I am a better mama these days as a result!! :)

Lately, I am trying to figure out how best to balance all school/home demands with decorating/blogging our home.  With only two mornings a week without kids, it can get challenging.  I have become more reliant on IG with quick posts here and there.  Sorry, for the repeat of pictures.

This is a recent picture of the antique gate leg table I inherited from my in-laws.  If you like antiques, I highly recommend the gate leg table - such a versatile piece.  With the folding sides, you will surely find a place for it in your home.  And, I love the eucalyptus I purchased from Trader Joe's.

I finally found an affordable vintage cherry chest for our entry.  I can't believe my luck with this purchase.  While driving a different way the other day, I passed a furniture consignment store and saw a 'sale' sign posted in the window.  I stopped in and saw this beauty!!  I think you would die if I told you how much I paid for her. It was meant to be.  I am not sure if I'll be keeping her in our entry, but I like her there now.

I am SO happy with these two pieces of furniture - good bones and lines.  It makes me so happy that they are in our home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Little Girl's Bedroom Inspiration

A friend of mine has asked me to help update her daughter's nursery to a little girl's room with the hope that this will be a room she can grow into down the road.  Her one request is that the room must have the color 'purple' in it (her daughter's favorite color). Purple can be one of those tricky colors - it can either look beautiful or just frankly, over the top.  And, if I know my friend, she doesn't mind the color 'purple' as long as it doesn't steal the show! :)

When we were throwing back and forth ideas, I mentioned that the color green and purple work very well together and can look sophisticated.  She recently saw a picture of my daughter's room with the newly painted 'green' bookcase and loved the color.   She wasn't really sold on that color palette until I sent her this photo below...

See, how the purple is not the center of attention, but clearly stands out??  You definitely notice the color, but the whole room is not purple.  She loved this and so did I.  

Still, she was a little doubtful on how this could translate to a little girl's room, so I created an inspiration board below.

I would paint the walls BM Tranquility (the beautiful green swatch color in the upper left corner).  To keep the room from feeling romantic and light, I would keep the furnishings light (distressed white/cream colored) which luckily, my friend already has an antique white dresser she plans on using.

I would infuse purple through the bedding - she could either do purple duvet with ivory sheets OR purple sheets with an ivory duvet. This will allow the purple to stand out without overpowering the room.

The window treatments should be a simple relaxed roman shade either in the same color of the walls or in an ivory linen.

I love the idea of adding feminine touches through scalloped trims (light fixture, light shade, basket liner, or bedskirt).  The scallops will mimic the feminine lines of the headboard, relaxed shade, etc.  My girlfriend collects vintage french baskets so we already are having a scalloped basket liner made for one of her baskets.

I think this color palette will be one her daughter can grow into and if down the road, her daughter wishes to add additional colors of pink, blue, gold, florals, etc., it'll all pair nicely with the greenish walls.  

In the early stages of going back and forth, I sent my friend this picture of Christy Ford's daughter's room and I think this is exactly the feminine look she and her daughter would like to have!! 

Don't you love it??  Ribbons, teddy bears with bows, florals, ruffles, polka dots!!  Perfect for a little girl!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elizabeth's 3rd Barnyard Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Elizabeth's 3rd birthday! (as well as my birthday - we share the same birthday)!

Elizabeth is very exuberant and loves life, so for the past 3 to 4 months, Elizabeth would wake up in the mornings and the first thing she would say is, "Mommy, is today my birthday??"  Having experienced Luke's birthday this past April, she was ready to experience one herself!

So, I kind of went all out prepping for her 3rd birthday and while it is a lot of work, it was worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat ( though, with some better planning)! ;)

I did a barnyard theme mainly because E loves playing with her little people barn/farm and she loves animals!  I used simple animal silhouettes as the invites with a red/green color scheme.

And, I decided to use our playscape in the backyard as the 'barn' and everything else just evolved from that. 

We used our radio flyer wagon for the hay rides!!  

I filled the upper part of the playscape with hay and had felt animal masks so the kids could use and pretend they were barnyard animals.

We had pin the tail on the donkey which the kids LOVED!

When I asked E what her favorite part of her party was, she said the 'cupcakes'!! I don't blame her because they were out of this world!  (from Cake Flour).

All in all we had a wonderful time!! As my children get older (and the older I get) I am so grateful for them.  You don't think it is possible that your love could grow even more for them, but it does and I am so forever thankful for my family!!  

And, a very special thank you to Grammy, Pupa and Aunt Macaire - I couldn't have pulled this off without your help! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My New Woven Bamboo Shades

It is no secret that it when it comes to window treatments that I love woven (bamboo) shades.  Love them!  And, I love them more when they are paired with paneled drapes.  You can see more of my inspiration here.   

I did a bit of research as to which ones to buy, but the main driver was budget.  At the end of the day, I rather not invest tons of money in the woven shades and instead use the savings for the drapes (down the road).  

Kelly, from Bungalow Blue Interiors, did a post on budget friendly ones.  Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors swears by her shades Tropical Isle Bamboo blinds from Select Blinds.  These were a bit pricey for my budget.

I ended up purchasing mine from Home Depot.   It is a new brand they carry - Home Decorators Collection.  I guess now the online retailer is now distributing their products to big box retailers like Home Depot.   

I purchased these in Natural and the 27 x 72 only cost me $31.00 each (a total of $124 for four shades).   I wanted a honey colored shade and I wanted them 'unlined'. The color and price were right on the mark. 

In regards to where to install the shades, I opted for leaving the 'dead space' vs. installing the shades up to the curtain rod or ceiling.  

If you don't know what I mean, my post here talks about the different placements for woven shades.   

Here are my family room windows before

Here are my family windows with the bamboo shades - after:

Another shot of the four windows….

Same shot but with sofa….

I still have a long way to go in this room, but I already love the texture and color the woven shades add to our space.  It's going to be so cozy when I add drapes, I can't wait.  I am considering these striped panels from Pottery Barn.  We'll see….

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Purchase for our Master

Over the summer I made an impulsive decision to buy an upholstered chair for our master bedroom.  Very unlike me when it comes to furniture and especially when I don't have the design of a room entirely fleshed out, but in this particular case, the deal was too good to pass up.

Meet Elise…

You can find her at Ballards - the Elise Club Chair.  I got her for less than one third of the full retail price.

She is perfect.  She is smaller than most club chairs and fits perfectly in the small corner of our master bedroom.  She is extremely comfortable and very stylish.  I love her waterfall skirt.  Of course, I think she pairs well with the Colefax and Fowler Bowood fabric I plan to use in our master.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked her accentuated shaped arms, but they have grown on me and now I love them.   I now have started to notice these accentuated shaped arms in other rooms that I have loved.


This chair is a great option if you need a smaller scale club like chair but don't want to sacrifice on comfort and style!  I highly recommend it!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Entry - Progress

It has taken me entirely too long to decide on a paint color for our entryway.  Paint is not expensive, so if it is the wrong color, it can be easily fixed so there really are no excuses.  But, our entry leads into three rooms (living room, dining room and kitchen) and I don't have the exact colors selected for these rooms yet.  I generally know the direction I want, but not knowing exactly made selecting our entry paint color even harder.  I knew I wanted a neutral color, but which one?

If you remember this post, I was completely set on white (see inspiration pictures).  But, as dreamy as the inspiration pictures look, our entry lacks natural light, architectural details and space/height.  We plan on rectifying this in the future, but for now, this is what we have.   So, a white color with no natural light and no pretty architectural details seemed wrong for the space.  

Also, there was the furniture to consider.  Ideally, for our entry, I would love to have an antique piece as the foundation.  Something like this would do…

But, right now that is not in the cards given that I'd like to save money for a new dining table and chairs.  So, I am stuck with using a cream colored shaker console that my lovely husband found at the dump (when we lived in CT). :)  :)  

So, after testing a thousand paint choices, I went with BM Edgecomb Gray at half strength (50% lighter).  Why half strength?  Because I wanted it lighter.   And, I'll be honest.  When we get natural light in our entry (always in the afternoon), I LOVE it.  Beautiful color.  Perfect.  But, in the morning, with little natural light, it seems a little too dark to me.  But, I think, until we can get more natural light in there, any color will not look 100% right.  

So, this is what we started out with…..this was the previous owner's decor….


And now PROGRESS - BM Edgecomb Gray at 50%

Here's another view - midway painting…you can see the difference between the original and new color 

So, the jury is still out, but I think it is a significant improvement.  I threw together a quick idea board of where I am going with this space.  See below.  

I definitely want to use the green pagoda lantern in our hallway.  It is the perfect size and I love the color!  I also plan on upholstering/slipcovering two storage cubes to fit under the console.  You can see the fabric choices above.  I haven't decided.  I might not even go with either….we'll see.  But, I do know, I want to finish this space quickly.  I'm tired of thinking about it and I am ready to move onto to the next room!! 

PS: In case you're wondering, I can't wait to rip out our carpeted stair runner and replace it!  I also plan on painting the banister black, hang sconces and pictures.  The list goes on….

Friday, September 5, 2014

See what I am loving...

Happy Friday!!  

While this week was a short week, it was a very productive week on the home front.  I felt like things were just clicking with my decorating choices.  Does that ever happen to you?  Where it just works and it feels like an 'A-ha' moment.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - I love this color scheme for a master bedroom.  It's a departure from the predictable blue, but I think it still reads serene and relaxing.  I would paint the walls a creamy white and then use the green on the trim.  This artwork has the perfect colors and the green pagoda lantern is my new favorite light which would complement the green on the trim.  The sister parish fabric would look adorable as a bolster on the bed and as window treatments.  I would used the PB oversized gilt frames as frames to add some gold touches.  I have used these frames before and I love them.   

6 - Would love a wicker umbrella basket for our entry way.  

7 - I need new flatware STAT and currently like this style.  Do you have flatware that you love?  Please share!  

Next week I will post the design board for our entry and show you pictures of our entry walls finally painted in the new color!